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Teaching Grammar for Business Essays

Techniques and materials for English language teachers
Ken Paterson
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At the end of the course, you will be able to teach the 12 key grammatical features that students need to write high-quality business essays.
You will be able to design your own course in grammar for business essays, using the materials and advice provided.
You will be able to describe how the demands of business essay writing shape its grammar.

Review in IATEFL Voices, March/April 2021: “(Ken Paterson) speaks slowly and succinctly, and as each lecture follows the same pattern, it is easy to follow. Auditory learners will no doubt appreciate the fact that the lecture is accompanied by the text in print. Text-based learners, meanwhile, will also appreciate the element of continuity in terms of how the lessons are produced, including the notes and tips for teachers.” (Sandee Thompson, Coordinator EFL, College of the North Atlantic-Qatar)

It’s fairly easy these days to access the materials you need to teach students how to plan essays, write introductions or conclusions, develop paragraphs or make citations – but rather more difficult to find materials that focus specifically on the key grammar that your students require (often at a sentence level) for the three fundamental processes of academic business writing: being objective, building information, and connecting ideas. 

This course seeks to fill that gap. 

By the time you have finished, you will have the classroom techniques and all the materials you need to teach, within a business context, the most relevant aspects of these 12 features: cautious language, defining language, passives, impersonal subjects, noun phrases, relative clauses, verb clauses, linkers, conditionals, cause and effect, comparison and cohesion/signposting

After a brief introduction, describing the rationale for the course and how it works in detail, two or three of the 12 items above are covered in each of the next five sections of the course, under these headings:     

Being objective in a business essay: grammar for functions

Being objective in a business essay: key grammar items

Building information in a business essay

Connecting ideas in a business essay: key grammar items

Connecting ideas in a business essay: grammar for functions

Each of the main lectures acts like a suggested lesson plan. What I do is to take you through the stages of the lesson, giving you all the material that you need on the accompanying slides, or ‘pages’ as I call them, including examples, exercises with answers, lists of key language, and activities for your students. (With longer exercises and activities I show you the beginning, and you can download the rest in the ‘lesson planning resources’ at the end of each lecture.) There are also printable revision worksheets for your students at the end of each section.

So you don’t need to copy anything down as you watch, in fact, because all of the material you see on the ‘pages’ (as well as the endings to longer exercises and activities ) is available in the downloadable, adaptable ‘lesson planning resources’ for you to use in a way that suits your own physical or online classroom: copying key language onto a whiteboard, for example, or printing it off for your students, or displaying it by computer.   

As you progress through the course, you can use the knowledge you gain in three immediate ways:

1) check your own understanding of the grammar items by trying the student exercises that you see on the slides (or their longer versions in the resources) before you look at the answers;

2) when you’ve watched an individual lecture, use the resources to create a lesson plan that will work for your students;

3) try teaching some of the items to your students before you complete the course – the experience you gain may be helpful when you come to watch the next new lecture.

Please note:

1) this course focuses exclusively on students’ grammatical control, often at a sentence level. It doesn’t deal with study skills or essay development in general.

2) All of the material is set within a modern business context, covering areas such as human resources, marketing and finance.

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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Teaching Grammar for Business Essays
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