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Stroke: Complete Guide for a Better Lifestyle & Health

Learn to Prevent, Manage & Conquer Stroke
Learn how to rehabilitate yourself after a stroke to feel better than ever
Create a work-health balance after stroke recovery
Eliminate fearing lifelong paralysis, speech difficulty or discrimination
Actionable items for those Eager to switch to a healthy lifestyle but are not sure how to
Reduce the stress surrounding social isolation
Learn cognitive training after a stroke & how to choose your treatment plan
How to get your health in the best possible shape
How to make a positive impact on a loved one who has suffered from a stroke

Suffering from a stroke or being worried about a stroke can be a terrifying experience. However, there is a tremendous amount of power each individual has to by simply changing daily habits to overcome health implications feel encouraged about living the lifestyle they always wanted. This course walks through all the detail of preventing, managing & conquering the effects of a stroke while also providing treatment options to help you have more productive conversations with your health care practitioner.

The causes, risk factors and stroke prevention methods are still not widely understood by the masses, causing an increase in the prevalence of the disease. This course explores all the medical information to make better choices to help you achieve better results for physical & mental well-being.

Here’s a brief overview of what you can expect from this necessary course:

Phase 1 of the course is designed to help you understand what a stroke is and how it affects your life as a patient or as a family member. In phase 1, we will walk you through the symptoms of a stroke, how doctors diagnose Stroke, and the conventional and alternative remedies to cope with this illness.

  • Symptoms of a stroke

  • How Stroke is diagnosed

  • The conventional and alternative remedies to cope with this illness

  • Common Misconceptions Surrounding Strokes

In Phase 2, We will talk about how you can live your life to the fullest by making the right lifestyle changes, like adjusting your diet and adding exercise in your daily routine. You will also get an overview of different technologies that might help you in managing your health.

  • Lifestyle changes

  • Importance of diet and exercise

  • Role of technology in managing your health

Phase 3 focuses on your emotional and social well-being by giving you motivation and pointers on how to manage stress. In addition, phase 3 will help you see how others have changed their lives after having a stroke for inspiration. This relevant topic aims to help you understand the power of the mind and the impacts of our choices.

  • Stress management

  • Unsung stories of others

  • Understanding the power of the mind and impact of choices

Phase 4 of this course is designed specifically for caregivers and employers. This phase will focus on understanding a patient’s psychology and how you can provide physical and emotional support to the patient. We will also discuss some guidelines on how employers can facilitate their employees who have had a stroke and what support a patient needs to get back to work.

  • Guidelines for caregivers

  • Understanding patient’s psychology

  • Stroke and workplace

So what exactly is a stroke?

Like all other organs, the brain also needs a supply of blood. A rich supply of blood provides nutrition and oxygen that cells require to function properly. But when there is an interruption of blood flow, the cells begin to die. So when the blood flow to the brain is interrupted, and oxygen shortage is caused, which leads to a condition referred to as a Stroke.

The oxygen interruption or blockage can be a result of the narrowing of arteries that supply blood to the brain. It may also be due to a clot that is caused because of a blood vessel burst or sudden bleeding in the brain tissue. This condition is also sometimes called a brain attack and needs to be treated immediately. It is similar to a heart attack and, if not treated immediately, can prove to be fatal.

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Stroke: Complete Guide for a Better Lifestyle & Health
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