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How to Win at Teaching in Education

Your GPS for Classroom Success
Kirsty Cowperthwaite
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Skills that have helped me gain a 98% student pass rate.
Focused planning to save you time.
How to build good relationships with students.
How to plan engaging units your students will love.
7 tips for a great lesson observation.
How to create positive classroom environment's to boost learning.
How to set SMART objectives for success.
And Much Much More
How to interview for your dream teaching job.

What do you really desire when you get into teaching?

Is it the late nights planning and marking?

Is it the filing of countless sheets of administrative paperwork?

Is it teaching to a standardized test?

Or is it because you want to make a difference, be creative and inspire a generation to learn?

Well we all know the answer to this don’t we.

And this is why I created this course for you which is specially designed to be entertaining, colorful and most importantly contains highly effective teaching strategies which are currently giving me student success rates of 98%

And you could easily learn these success strategies to and from the comfort of your own sofa.

But I’ll confess this success didn’t just happen come overnight.

You see as a newly qualified teacher confidence was high, but this confidence began to evaporate quickly when I started to feel the pressure of everyday teaching and my first year in the classroom wasn’t what I’d hoped for.

It was hard, stressful and exhausting due to the many sleepless nights worrying.

Worrying if my best was good enough and worrying if my students would hit the grades all teachers crave.

I felt overwhelmed, frustrated and seriously considered whether teaching was the career for me, but I didn’t want to give in and become yet another statistic, another burnt out teacher leaving education and quitting on their dreams.

I needed help, something to help me focus my energy on what really mattered.

I had to act quickly.

So, I began to organise some of the best information, universal truths on teaching and learning into an easy to follow format which would help me regain my confidence, purpose and focus.

And it worked

And it wasn’t just student’s grades which got better. I got better.

And Over the next few years I became a totally different teacher, a more focused teacher, a more confident teacher, a happier teacher who lived for the classroom.

It was a complete turnaround from the beaten, burnt out teacher just a few years earlier and others noticed this to.

My confidence was soaring and so we’re my students’ grades.

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, I applied for promotion and won.

Could you imagine the feeling?

The feeling off pure joy and excitement, you’ve won promotion, you’ve turned it around, you’ve come out on top and now you just can’t wait to celebrate.

It’s a great feeling

And I want you to feel like this to, and this is why I created this course for you.

How to Win at Teaching in Education

Your GPS to teaching success.

This course is designed in a logical order from planning to classroom and first you will learn how to plan with laser guided focus, and I guarantee if you follow these simple steps your students’ grades will take off and your colleagues will wonder how you did it.

Here are your videos

  • Why content standards are the foundation for your success.

  • How to unpack standards and build your winning foundation.

  • A time saving approach to planning aligned units

  • Discovering your desired results, big ideas and essential questions.

  • Your Guide to formative and summative Assessment

  • How to Plan Learning Experiences Your Student’s Will never forget.

  • So, What’s the Difference Between Aims and Objectives?

  • How you Set SMART Objectives for Success

  • How to Use Blooms Taxonomy to tier learning.

  • Time saving Tips to Help You Plan Effective Lessons

Looks good doesn’t it?

But that’s only half of it because now it’s time to move into the classroom where you’ll learn tried and tested tricks, tips and techniques which will have students eating out the palm of your hand.

Here you go

  • How to Create a harmonious Classroom Environment to Boost Learning

  • Tips on How you can Build Good Relationships with Your Students

  • How to Differentiate your students learning

  • 9 Simple Steps to Teaching Classroom Routines

  • Homework Pros and Cons and Getting the Balance just Right

  • The Pro’s and Con’s to Seating Layouts

  • How to Use Teaching Assistants to Enhance Learning in Your Classroom

  • How communicate With Parents and get them on your side

  • 7 Tips for your Great Lesson Observation

  • How to tick all the boxes when Interviewing for Your Dream Teaching Job.

That’s twenty high definition videos which you can watch from the comfort of your own sofa, it’s that easy.

Plus you’ll also receive full lifetime access so when more high-quality videos are added you won’t pay another penny,

Just think of it as a course which pays you back with interest.

But It can’t remain this price for long because as more videos are added the price will rise, so be wise and save yourself some money and get in now.

And remember this is a Udemy course, so you have the security of a no questions asked money back guarantee. You’ve really got nothing to lose so join me right now in what I can promise will be a fascinating journey.

Click the buy button, don’t delay and you’ll be inside learning your GPS to teaching success today.

See you on the inside

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How to Win at Teaching in Education
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