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Chill my lifestyle! Master your stress management like a pro

Defeat your anxiety and anger & improve your focus, productivity and time management without meditation or mindfulness
Henry Bucko
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Understand that stress is a physiological reaction on stressors
Know how to use the coping technique when you're under stress
Be able to prioritize your stressors by the help of the lock technique
Get scientific proof how proper breathing impacts on our health
Get lots of practical tipps how to implement abdominal breathing in your daily life
See how optimal abdominal breathing looks like
Get a demo how biofeedback training improves your breathing quality
Get scientific evidence what good sleep quality really means
Understand daylight, exercise and nutrition as basic requirements
Get the basics on how to improve your sleep quality
Understand sleep as a very dynamic process
Know the difference between good and bad sleep quality
Learn more about the 3 reasons why we don't take breaks
Understand why it makes sense to work in blocks
Know that an effective break is always about focussing on something
Get an idea how to implement a powernap in your daily life
Get scientific evidence on the positive effect of powerbreaks
Get 3 hacks to stimulate your nervous system instantly
Be able to improve the flexibility of your fascia system from home
See the impact of proper recovery
Understand how dangerous sport can be without recovery
Get the main criteria to find your ideal sport intensity
Understand why sport without recovery doesn't make any sense
Understand why sport is the best way to neutralize your stress hormones
Understand why you utterly have to plan your sports activities
Understand how the brain and gut choose our food
Understand 3 ways how to get control of your brain and gut
Understand why supplements and vitamins are completely underestimated
Get 9 ideas on how to build great daily routines
Find effective routines for your daily life
Know how to implement routines in your daily life
Understand your mindset as a shield against stress
Understand the dimension of our thoughts on stress
Understand the difference between our inner and outer world

Are you suffering from sleepless nights, restlessness, irritability, food cravings, sexual problems?

Did you already try to do yoga, meditation and practice mindfulness to solve your stress – but nothing really changed?

The good news is – you didn’t do anything wrong! Yoga, meditation and mindfulness help to relieve stress symptoms – but you need a powerful system to eliminate the problem at the root.

So if you really want to get rid of your stress once and for all, then this is the perfect course for you!

You will learn effective ways to beat your stress and also get to know the 7 power resources that will help you to significantly improve your quality of life. You don’t just get tips, but a complete proven system that is easy and powerful to apply in your daily life.

Everything you will learn, is based on the latest scientific insights on heart rate variability and broken down into an easily understandable language.


…receive 21 strategies to immediately improve your stress management.

…noticeably improve your ability to concentrate, especially through proper breathing.

…learn all the important building blocks for a well-functioning sleep.

…work out a well-functioning sports and nutrition concept.

…know how to take effective breaks, even when it seems impossible.

…finally understand what you can do specifically against your stress.

…learn to build routines into your daily life as effective protection against stress.


1. Breathing & improved concentration

You will understand why effective breathing affects your ability to concentrate. You will learn how to breathe deeply into your belly and not to forget it in your daily life.

2. Sleep well

You will know the difference between sleep quality and sleep quantity and you will understand why the quality of sleep is crucial. You will learn tools that will help you improve the quality of your sleep.

3. Effective breaks

We will show you why our brain needs breaks in order to remain efficient for a longer period of time. You will learn ways to take effective breaks even when it is almost impossible (e.g. due to disruptive co-workers).

4. Sports concept

In one of the most important chapters, we cover the role of exercise and sports – you’ll understand why sports can “neutralize” stress hormones. You will learn the building blocks of a successful sports concept and you will be able to apply them to yourself right away.

5. Nutrition concept

We do not deal with diets, but pragmatically show the central connection between nutrition and stress. You will develop a new perspective on the topic of nutrition – you will no longer be concerned with the question “what am I allowed to eat”, but much more with the question “why am I actually eating this”.

6. Routines as protection against stress

Through routines you have certain protection in stressful times – we roll up the topic scientifically. You’ll learn techniques for giving your brain meaningful “happy feelings.”

7. Your mindset

You will understand the importance of your attitudes and that whether you are aware of them or not, they affect your ability to deal with stress. You will learn ways to challenge your destructive attitudes and replace them with positive ones.

A word by the course creator:

“I’ve created this course because many of my (1:1 coaching) clients asked me to get access to my knowledge in a compressed format. As you will see in the course, around 80% of the content is practical stuff that is easy to implement in your daily life. The other 20% are super interesting insights on the scientific concept of heart rate variability.

But I have to warn you: if you seek spiritual guidance or illumination on how to relieve stress through practices (such as yoga or meditation), this is definitely the wrong course for you! This course is a proven system that is digging down to the cause of your stress, based on evidence-based scientific background.

My goal is not only to make you able to defeat your stress, but allow you to get a totally new lifestyle!”

See what other students think:

“I was not yet aware of the whole context of stress!”

– George Page

“Best Course Ever, much thanks for creating this amazing course, I really appreciate your work on this course. Thanks!”

– Marion Payne

“The course gives a lot of practical tips, even for me partly completely new aspects.”

– Silke Schmidt

“The content is presented in a very modern way and explained in a simple way. I was able to gain many new insights and implement them in my everyday life.”

– Rose Harris

“Henry manages to combine theory and practice in an exciting way! Especially the numerous HRV examples are a real eye-opener – so I will also perform an HRV measurement with Henry myself.”

– Lawrence Yates

“As a leader, I was often not aware of my stressors. Thanks to the course, I now live much more consciously and know how to behave in stressful moments.”

– Laurie Garcia

Are you ready to defeat your stress once and for all?

Then let’s do this together – enroll in the course now!

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Chill my lifestyle! Master your stress management like a pro
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