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Accounting, Finance and Banking – A Comprehensive Study

Learn Fundamentals to Advanced Concepts of three different but interrelated domains in a single course
Raja Natarajan, B.Com., PGDBA, FCA
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Understand Basics of Accounting
Understand Accounting Process
Understand Final Accounts
Understand Single Entry System of Accounting
Understand how to rectify errors in Accounting
Understand Depreciation Accounting
Understand Accounting for Partnership Firms
Understand Basics of Accounting Standards
Understand Accounting for Deferred Taxes
Understand Basics of Financial Management
Understand Time Value of Money
Understand Financial Ratio Analysis
Understand Cash Flow Analysis
Understand Fund Flow Analysis
Understand Cost of Capital
Understand Capital Structuring Decisions
Understand Types of Financing
Understand Capital Budgeting Investment Decisions
Understand Working Capital Management
Understand Basics of International Finance
Understand Basics of Cost Accounting
Understand Basics of Banking
Understand Banking Credit Analysis Process

Welcome to this dream course

“Accounting, Finance and Banking – A Comprehensive Study”

In this course, you will learn


Financial Management &


So, you may have a question, why all in three?

Answer is – all the three domains are interrelated

If you are going to be an accountant, you cannot survive without interacting with Finance and Banking Executives. And same is the case for other two.

So, you should have knowledge in all the three, and this course will teach you from Basics to Advanced concepts in all the three domains.

So, what is curriculum?

Section names are listed here. You would see the detailed list below this course summary

Section 1 – Basics of Accounting in 66 Minutes

Section 2 – Accounting Process

Section 3 – Final Accounts

Section 4 – Single Entry System of Accounting

Section 5 – Rectification of Errors

Section 6 – Depreciation Accounting

Section 7 – Accounting for Partnership Firms

Section 8 – Basics of Accounting Standards

Section 9 – Accounting for Deferred Taxes

Section 10 – Financial Management – Introduction

Section 11 – Time Value of Money

Section 12 – Financial Ratio Analysis

Section 13 – Cash Flow Analysis

Section 14 – Fund Flow Analysis

Section 15- Cost of Capital

Section 16 – Capital Structuring Decisions

Section 17 – Types of Financing

Section 18 – Capital Budgeting Investment Decisions

Section 19 – Working Capital Management

Section 20 – Basics of International Finance

Section 21 – Quotes

Section 22 – American Term and European Term

Section 23 – Bid and Ask

Section 24 – Basics of Banking

Section 25 – Classification of Banks

Section 26 – Functions of Commercial Bank

Section 27 – Co-operative Banks

Section 28 – Central Bank Functions

Section 29 – General aspects of Banking

Section 30 – Banking Credit Analysis Process

Section 31 – Financial Statement Reading Skill

Section 32 – Types of Business Loans

This course is structured in self paced learning style.

You will have right to access close to 400 Video Lectures of this course covering three domains.

This course is structured with an intention to equip you in basics and advanced concepts for both academic and practical purposes

Mandatory Disclosure regarding course contents:.

This course consolidates key lectures of other individual courses namely

-Accounting is Easy,

-Accounting for Beginners in 66 Minutes

– Basics of Accounting Standards

– Depreciation Accounting

– Accounting for Partnership Firms

– Accounting for Deferred Taxes

– Basics of International Finance

– Financial Management – A Complete Study

– Banking Credit Analysis Process

– Basics of Banking

– Basics of International Finance

Hence, if you are purchasing this course, it consolidates key lectures of all the above courses. So, make sure you don’t purchase above courses, if you are purchasing this course.

Take this course to gain strong foothold in Accounting, Finance and Banking.

All the Best!

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Accounting, Finance and Banking – A Comprehensive Study
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